Innokas contributes to the development of Synoste’s solution for more patient-friendly healthcare

With their next-generation innovation, Synoste aims to renew surgical treatment related to bone deformities. Innokas Medical is involved in this mission by being one of Synoste’s co-creation partners in the development of the company’s limb lengthening method.

Together with partner companies, Synoste has developed an implantable medical device for limb lengthening.

Co-creation brings significant value for the companies

Focusing on its own core competencies while achieving a safe, effective and reliable end-product, Synoste could not make their journey from idea to clinical trials alone. As the system consists of several different components, Synoste has been supported by talented partner companies from different competence areas.

‘The selected partners with clinical, technical and domain-specific expertise have benefited the development of our innovation. Innokas Medical has been one of our co-creation partners in this project,’ said Harri Hallila, CEO and Founder of Synoste.

The cooperation between Synoste and Innokas Medical started already in 2014. Innokas Medical’s main responsibilities in the project have been the development and manufacturing of the homecare device that activates the lengthening implant.

‘In addition to project management, we were responsible for mechanical, electrical and software development for the device. We’ve also used our wide competence pool including manufacturing and QA&RA experts in the project when needed,’added Mikko Kangas, Business Development Director at Innokas.

According to Hallila, the cooperation between Synoste and Innokas has gone very well. He tells that especially Innokas Medical’s +25 years of experience in medical device development and manufacturing as well as the company’s wide competence pool have brought significant value to this challenging project.

‘When choosing our partners, we were impressed with Innokas’ professional manufacturing site and a wide range of design and development expertise. This co-creation project has been very challenging and several iteration rounds were needed to achieve the reliability, accuracy, safety and functionality required for the clinical investigation. We are very pleased with Innokas Medical’s ability to respond to our challenging needs during the project,’ Hallila reflected.

‘In addition to the needed competences and resources we see the cooperation with Innokas did have an impact on the funding we’ve received during the years. A knowledgeable and skilled team with a talented partner network improves a company’s attractiveness as an investment target. We surely haven’t reached our goals alone in this project,’ he concluded.

Contact persons

Mikko Kangas
Business Development Director, Innokas Medical Ltd.

Harri Hallila
CEO & Founder, Synoste Oy

Source: Innokas Medical