Innokas and Medicubex present MedicubeX Ltd’s eHealth Station™

Innokas and MedicubeX showcased MedicubeX Ltd’s eHealth Station™ at the Teknologia 23 expo. The Station has various measurement devices working as a unit, with a touch screen guiding the user to take all their own vital signs with the help of seven different devices overall, among its other features. The station has been in public use and the feedback of the users was surveyed: 98% of users could recommend the eHealth Station to others and would use it again.

Looking like an ordinary office booth at first glance, the eHealth Station compiles a wide amount of different measurement technologies inside it in order to form one consistent whole. Using the touch screen within the Station, users can measure their own vital signs, and cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors, as well as fill in questionnaires, saving healthcare professionals’ time and consequently cutting queue times in clinics and hospitals. Moreover, the Station allows users to keep track of their health through automatic check-ups and receive treatment via a remote appointment functionality.

Although healthcare professionals will supervise the usage, the main users of the eHealth Station will be people with no educational background in healthcare. Therefore, usability is an integral aspect of the product’s functionality. The eHealth Station’s design was completed through close collaboration between Innokas and MedicubeX, alongside industrial design experts, in order to ensure that all technologies integrated into the Station work as intended, with close attention to the end-users’ needs, making it self-evident and user-friendly.

You can read more about the eHealth Station here.  

Source: Innokas