Innokas’ and GlucoSet’s collaboration exemplifies an efficient product manufacturing method

Innokas brings a fresh perspective on medical device development in the collaborative project of GlucoSet and Innokas Design Studios. In this case story, flexibility, transparency, and effective communication propelled the project to outstanding results. Agile methodology optimized the creation of precise patient monitors for blood glucose visualization. 

Project’s achievements and progress

  • The first milestone was achieved exceptionally quickly.
  • Methodology: The agile model was applied adeptly.
  • Transparent communication among developers, Innokas, and customer teams.
  • Remarkable flexibility maintained, crucial for medical device concepts.
  • The project adheres to schedule and work estimations.
  • Prototypes demonstrate positive results.
  • Ongoing efforts to enhance manufacturability and producibility.
  • Innokas is poised to manufacture the device in the future.

Highly accurate glucose sensors to reduce unnecessary intensive care unit deaths

GlucoSet, a Norwegian medical device company, is dedicated to reducing unnecessary deaths in intensive care units. They achieve this by developing highly accurate blood glucose sensors and monitors. These devices promptly alert medical professionals when patients’ glucose levels fall below critical thresholds. Notably, GlucoSet’s minimally invasive sensor accesses arterial catheters without disrupting existing usage. It’s a promising advancement in glucose monitoring.

Using the agile approach throughout prototype series development

 Innokas Design Studio has been heavily involved in the development of the prototype series and industrial design of the monitor since the start of the project in 2022. From the beginning, applying the agile model has given significant benefits for the whole timeline of the project.     

“This collaboration has been very rewarding for both us and the customer. Working with an optical device like this has been fantastic. Projects involving medical devices with components, such as a spectrometer and optical fibers are both challenging and gratifying, so they are as fulfilling to work on as they are to complete,” said Antti Ylönen, Innokas project manager involved in the project.

“Innokas team of engineers, QA, project lead, and manufacturing provides a streamlined development process of high quality, where they also show they care about GlucoSets success and budget by actively helping to mitigate product and project risks early. GlucoSet engineered the detailed optoelectronic design, and developed and manufactured the indwelling glucose sensor, while Innokas engineered the detailed electronic hardware, mechanical and industrial design of the Medical Monitor as part of the Glucoset CGM system, and they will manufacture the Monitor in the future,” added Lukas Scherer, GlucoSet’s CTO.

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