Health-tech company iSTOC develops innovative diagnostics solutions globally

The Oulu-based health-tech company, iSTOC, continues growing in the digital healthcare sector globally, focusing on data-driven digital healthcare solutions for the post-Covid era. iSTOC, together with partners around the globe, focuses on diagnostic technologies and epidemic surveillance forming Point-of-Care chains from remote testing to diagnosis and treatment, including data management, measuring and monitoring.

iSTOC has developed a disruptive, end-to-end IDA (immediate diagnostics and analytics) mobile solution, a powerful product and service that integrates Point of Care diagnostics, machine vision, AI, mobile technology and cloud computing. The iSTOC IDA Platform digitalizes and analyses Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDT), including all major infectious diseases as well as blood typing, female and reproductive health and drugs of abuse.

iSTOC with HoliCare consortium approved in the Horizon Programme

iSTOC is a part of the pan-European HoliCare consortium, that develops innovative approaches to enhance poverty-related diseases research in sub-Saharan Africa. HoliCare is a holistic approach in patient management and epidemic surveillance through the convergence of diagnostic technologies, capacity building and stakeholder engagement. The HoliCare consortium was approved in Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON), an EU-funded research and innovation program, that will last 36 months, starting from September 2022.

HoliCare is a joint project of 14 organizations and research institutes from Europe and Africa. iSTOC is the only Finnish participant and represents the business sector, while the majority of the organizations from the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Senegal, Ethiopia, Cameroon and Uganda represent universities and research institutes. Together these organizations aim to tackle both technological and non-technological challenges that the research on Poverty-Related Diseases faces in sub-Saharan Africa, and that prevent high-quality healthcare to reach many areas.

Technology-wise, HoliCare proposes a diagnostic approach that will start in the field using lateral flow tests for rapid screening and triage, followed by a referral to a hospital and a follow-up detailed diagnosis using a Point-of-Care instrument. Digital and manufacturing infrastructures will encompass these technology innovations to ensure future local product development.

Partnership with Premier Medical Corporation Private Limited in India

iSTOC has new partnerships also in India, where ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) has approved the SureStatus COVID-19 Ag Card test kit and Sure Status app to be used. This home test is manufactured by Premier Medical Corporation Private Limited, a global point-of-care diagnostics company. iSTOC, together with Premier Medical Corporation Private Limited, is launching a mobile diagnostic solution for consumers to enable rapid and reliable Covid-19 self-diagnosis.

Aegirbio and iSTOC to cooperate with a data management platform

iSTOC has also announced the development and licensing agreement with Aegirbio,  a diagnostics company based in Lund, Sweden. Aegirbio is a joint venture that combines core technologies from LifeAssays and Abreos Biosciences to create a leader in therapeutic drug monitoring of biologic drugs. The iSTOC agreement with Aegirbio covers the development of a data management platform for Aegirbio’s recently CE-marked Magnia Reader-based natalizumab antibody point of care TDM test.

The deliverables will include a web-based information dashboard and a mobile app to sync data readouts from the Magnia Reader both wirelessly and seamlessly. This platform will provide an interface between electronic medical records and will form a foundation for easy integration of Aegirbio’s assays into clinical, Point-of-Care and at-home workflows, both for upcoming trials and everyday patient care.

Source: iStoc