Health solutions wanted for the hospital in Latvia

The Children’s Clinical University Hospital in Latvia is researching, creating, and implementing a variety of new digital solutions to build a patient-centred healthcare model. At its core, it is about creating an environment in which all those involved – doctors, patients, healthcare management institutions, research organisations and businesses – can work together effectively. 

The hospital has identified 11 challenges and is currently looking for the right solutions to solve them.

Partners are encouraged to respond to the following challenges:

  • different digital therapeutic solutions,
  • personalized calendar solutions,
  • integrated remote communication solutions,
  • remote consultations involving more than two people (patient, doctor and other specialist or specialists),
  • a queuing and appointment solution that integrates easily with the hospital information system and other applications,
  • simulation solutions for care,
  • hospital virtual tour solutions,
  • visualisation of patient pathways,
  • patient survey solutions where algorithms are implemented depending on the answer,
  • integration solutions for wearable devices and equipment,
  • virtual 3D introduction to human anatomy.

More information:

Source – text and image: Labs of Latvia