Finnadvance and Polar Electro secure funding from the Finnish Research Impact Foundation

The Finnish Research Impact Foundation has awarded more than two million euros to research projects where universities and research institutes are working in close collaboration with industry partners. The Foundation received 80 applications and decided to award funding to 11 projects of the highest international standard that are expected to deliver greater impact by virtue of their collaboration with business partners. The projects involve precompetitive research, which will not only produce important scientific results but also strengthen the Finnish industry and its competencies.

The research teams involved in the 11 projects come from the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, the University of Oulu, Tampere University, LUT University and the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Finnadvance and Polar Electro were also involved and brought to the table their R&D expertise and market know-how.

The Finnish Research Impact Foundation is a research funding agency launched in spring 2019 by the Finnish government. It was given an initial capital stock of 60 million euros. FRIF’s mission is to promote the impact of Finnish cutting-edge research by strengthening collaboration between academia and industry.

We got the funding to develop our bone-on-chip model for fast-tracking drug discovery for diseases like osteoarthritis while having minimal animal use in the process,‘ said Prateek Singh, CEO of Finnadvance.

Source: The Finnish Research Impact Foundation