Finnadvance Oy growing rapidly – breakthrough in bone bio printing

Oulu-based Finnadvance has recently developed a 3D bone bioprinting method for its bone-on-a-chip platform. The key bone component, hydroxyapatite, has been successfully printed for the first time in Finland.

Finnadnace focuses on organs on chips and microfluidic cell culture devices for drug research and development. The company is also part of the University of Eastern Finland’s research project on COVID-19, in which mechanisms of the COVID-19 virus infection and entering the body are revealed with Finnadvance’s organ-on-chip devices. The aim of the project is to understand why specific risk groups are in danger for more severe symptoms after the virus infection.

For Finnadvance, this proves rapid growth in less than two years. The company has evolved from a one-man activity supported with a Horizon 2020 grant in l2018  to a fully grown company that currently includes ten persons. Finnadvance operates at Kontinkangas at the premises of the University of Oulu. Additionally, the company has rented more laboratory and office space.

Contact person

Prateek Singh
Founder, CEO, Finnadvance

Source: Finnadvance