Finnadvance launches its product line AKITA

AKITA is the product line by Finnadvance Ltd., a Finnish biotechnology company that develops highly scalable organ-on-chip platforms. By enabling physiological model developments, drug development and research can be significantly accelerated and made highly cost and resource-efficient, while producing more reliable results. AKITA provides the highest throughput platforms with accurate biological modelling. AKITA Wave, and AKITA Lid offer everything you need for preclinical drug discovery.

TAKITA’s technology is patented and focuses on brain research and cancer research. AKITA is revolutionizing drug research and development – providing alternatives to animals with their microfluidic organ-on-chip models for early-stage drug research and development.

The AKITA team is expanding as a brain organoids expert, Dr. Sébastien Mosser, came on board as Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Mosser holds his PhD in neuroscience awarded from EPFL Switzerland in which he investigated Alzheimer’s disease and highlighted the link between neurodegeneration and fat storage. After his successful exit from previous ventures, Sebastien will address the unmet need for preclinical drug testing with AKITA’s models. AKITA is now scaling rapidly and seeks to expand to US and Japan.

Source: Finnadvance