Finnadvance is one of the SUPERFINNS

Once again Kavu Open has selected its finalists. This time 12 companies are joining SUPERFINNS, Kasvu Open and Nordea’s growth programme that validates businesses that are ready to take over the world.

Kasvu Open is a Finnish coaching and acceleration programme for growth companies and established companies targeting to grow their business. Companies that are chosen for Kasvu Open programs get free of charge coaching from volunteer professionals from different fields. They receive support and invaluable expertise, which helps them expand their businesses.  All the applicants for growth programme are evaluated by representatives of the program implementers and partners.

By joining the programme, Finnadvance and other SUPERFINSS will meet experts in person for short sparring sessions revolving around the company’s personal growth plan. Finnadvance is a microtechnology and 3D biology solution company based in Oulu developing microfluidic organ-on-chips for pharmaceutical drug research and development.

Source: Kasvu Open