Finnadvance enters into a partnership with Ossiform

The cooperation between Finnadvance and Ossirom allows for the commercialization of a bone-on-chip in vitro model, which allows the high throughput screening of drug- or cell therapies targeting the regeneration of bone tissues.

An Oulu-based Finnadvance Finnadvance develops organ-on-a-chip disease models and technology. The company offers the AKITA microfluidic plates, which allow the generation of a wide range of organs-on-chip in medium & high throughput scenarios. While the platform may be used to model any organ, Finnadvance has been focusing on modelling vascularized tissues including the blood-brain barrier, colon, lung and immuno-oncology with tumour organoids. Finnadvance recently announced their bone-marrow-on-chip as a first step into the field of bone modelling.

Ossiform specialises in bone regeneration. They capitalise on 12 years of scientific research to 3D print highly customizable bone scaffolds which have been validated in several preclinical studies to promote the repair of bone tissue. The company’s scaffolds made of Tricalcium Phosphate  – the main constituent of the bones – provide a physiologically relevant environment that facilitates the growth of bone tissue both in vitro and in vivo.

The newly established partnership allows the incorporation of a bone scaffold produced by Ossiform into the AKITA microfluidic plate. This platform will permit the test of bone repair therapies in a high-throughput compatible manner. Additionally, the flow of the Akita system increases the signal-to-noise ratio up to 5 times, which allows the acquisition of higher-quality data. The bone-on-chip platform offers high flexibility and is available both as a CRO testing service or may be shipped as a kit for internal research.

Contact person

Prateek Singh

CEO, Finnadvance

Source: Finnadvance