Finnadvance offers solutions for the development of migraine treatments

Finnadvance´s chips were used to study neuron behaviour under mechanosensitization as part of the co-operation with UEF Kuopio.

The results help to understand and develop strategies for disorders like migraine. Mechanosensitive ion channels, Piezo1 and 2, are activated by pressure and involved in diverse physiological functions, including senses of touch and pain, proprioception and many more. Understanding their function is important for elucidating the mechanosensitive mechanisms of a range of human diseases.

The development of new products and patents plays a strong role in Finnadvance’s operations, as can be seen from, for example, the PoDoCo financing news. The company focuses on organs on chips and microfluidic cell culture devices for drug research and development. Finnadvance has developed a platform that allows for parallel cultures for molecule screening and pre-clinical studies.

Source: Finnadvance