Expertise in Oulu for microbial biologics manufacturing, biosimilars and bioprocess enzymes

Paras Biopharmaceuticals is an innovative biopharmaceutical company, based in Oulu, Finland.  Offering contract manufacturing of microbial biologics, and the development and production of biosimilars and bioprocess enzymes.

Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy was established in 2012.  The company main activities and offerings are in 3 major areas:

1.Contract development & microbial biologics manufacturing (CDMO)
2.Development & Licensing of Biosimilars & New Biologics Manufacturing for Clients.
3.Recombinant Bioprocess Enzymes – TEV protease and Recombinant Enterokinase.

Paras Biopharmaceuticals has a fully-equipped microbial production facility in Finland for the production of recombinant therapeutic products. With a total floor area of 25,000 ft² and a classified cleanroom of 4,300 ft², other features include media and buffer preparation, live area (fermentation and harvest & extraction), purification suite (incl. +4°C cold room), final filtration and freeze-drying.

Most recent achievements include:

  • The successful development of biologically active Romiplostim (N-Plate® Biosimilar) Production Technology.
  • Reuters filmed Paras Biopharmaceuticals for a documentary as part of their ‘Global Thought Leaders’ series, working on biologics manufacturing & innovations in the healthcare segment as a valued contributor to the future of healthcare, namely: ‘Innovations in Biologics: Insights of a leading expert’.
  • Successfully Developed Cytofold StructQuant® Technology for Cytoplasmic Disulphide Formation, (for Active Folding) for Complex Therapeutic Proteins.
  • Local recruitment campaign, to continue efforts in achieving project targets.

Source: Paras Biopharmaceuticals

Contact person

Dr. Ashesh Kumar
Director- Biologics & Licensing at Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy