Expansion of Printocent Pilot Factory accelerates the development of medical devices

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland invests 3.4 M€ to develop the research environment and manufacturing capabilities of the Printocent pilot factory in Oulu.

VTT, owned by the Finnish state, is one of Europe’s leading research institutions. The organization advances the utilization and commercialization of research and technology in commerce and society. The investment that VTT has made enables the development of new innovative medical devices and prototype manufacturing in a regulated manufacturing environment. The new research facility in Oulu is particularly suitable for the development of photonics-based sensor solutions, such as smart patches, rapid diagnostics cartridges, and optical readers. The investment provides an opportunity for companies to develop new concepts in a pilot-scale fabrication environment that is compatible with medical device-compliant industrial production.  

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About PrintoCent

PrintoCent is a cluster set in Oulu to boost innovation and industrialization of Printed Intelligence. It boasts 500 printed intelligence experts in companies and in research in the Oulu region. PrintoCent has also a wide global reach with its 40+ international industry member companies, and other partners forming the PrintoCent Cluster.

Contact person

Juho Paavola

Lead, Flexible electronics and photonics, VTT


Source: PrintoCent