Work in Finland Talent Services by Business Finland, Oulu

Business Finland presents Work in Finland, a comprehensive service package designed to assist companies in recruiting international professionals and promoting multicultural workplaces.

Join us on the 9th of October in Oulu to meet our dedicated Talent managers from Brazil, Türkiye, India, and Vietnam. Gain insights into the diverse talent groups of individuals from each of these countries offers, particularly in the ICT sector. Discover the support available to facilitate the recruitment of these skilled professionals to Finland.

Time: 9 October 2023, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Place: BusinessAsema (Telesali meeting room), Hallituskatu 36B, Oulu


Who Should Attend:

ICT companies seeking to explore international talent recruitment opportunities.


10:00 – Insights into Work in Finland services for companies by Santeri Ojala, Manager, International Operations
10:10 – Talent Insights:

  • Alessandra Leone, Talent Manager – Brazil
  • Sezin Ata Diler, Talent Manager – Türkiye
  • Gitta Perez, Head of Talent Boost – India
  • Van Anh Le, Talent Manager – Vietnam

10:50 – Preview of Upcoming Recruiting Events by Santeri Ojala
11:00 – Q&A Session and Networking Opportunity

Join us to discover the vast potential of international talent for your business and engage in meaningful discussions.