The Silver Economy Forum, Genoa

The 4th edition of the Silver Economy Forum will address the longevity phenomenon and its development across all sectors involved. The format includes a number of meetings, conferences, and workshops to understand the changes and draw a roadmap with the support of experts, economists, businesses, public administration organisations and associations on the effect of the demographic changes underway, with a view to capturing the future needs of the target audience.

Time: 14 – 16 September 2022
Place: Palazzo del Principe, Genoa, Italy


  • HEALTH PREVENTION – A key enabler for longevity;
  • AGING IN PLACE – It has become a banner in countries where the silver economy is most developed. A healthcare market that includes wellness services, entertainment, and housing
  • Investing in WELFARE and new needs of senior individuals
  • PRODUCTIVITY and Venture Capital for silver economy-oriented companies, key drivers
    for the country’s growth
  • Longevity and FINTECH, a growing trend involving the development of products and services by banks to remain financially stable well into old age
  • The TECH segment is increasingly geared towards today’s highlanders.

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Source: Ameri Communications