The shape of healthcare and care to come – VOPD online conference

Welcome to join the final conference of Healthcare and care through distance spanning solutions – a priority project part of the Swedish Presidency Programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers (VOPD – Vård och omsorg på distans, 2018-2021).

The conference will also be portraying insights and messages from healthcare and social care personnel and a guide of VOPD findings, and how we will make use of this knowledge in the period 2021-2024.

Programme highlights

  • Somya Joshi, Stockholm Environment Institute, presents a climate impact analysis and insight into tradeoffs between SDGs.
  • The Nordic Research Network: Health and Welfare Technology (HWT), represented by Christine Gustafsson from Mälardalen University introduce you to the user perspective on healthcare and care through distance spanning solutions.

Time: 25 March 2021, 11.15-15.15 CET 
Place: Online, the link will be provided through email 


Read more information and register for the conference.

Source: Nordic Welfare Centre