The eHealth Seminar – digital solutions at health care professionals’ work, online

The annual eHealth Seminar in Oulu is organized for the 6th time on 29 April 2021. This event aims to strengthen the cooperation between medical students and health and wellbeing companies. The seminar theme highlights the increasing role of eHealth and telehealth solutions in health care professionals’ work.

Time: 29 April 2021
Place: Online 
Material registration:

The morning session is for students, but the webcast is open for the collaborating companies throughout the OuluHealth ecosystem. Health and wellness companies are warmly welcome to join the afternoon student workshop sessions to participate in background material collection. One of the goals is to receive eHealth, telehealth and digital solution markets’ input to our teaching materials. The materials ought to be e.g. market presentations, teaching brochures, information leaflets or video materials to bring more deep knowledge about different solutions available on the markets. We aim to fulfil the 12 eHealth teaching themes and provide details for over 300 future health care professionals – both medical doctors and other health care professionals.

The main goal of the seminar is to support medical professionals in incorporating business solutions into their practical work and to develop new approaches to the acquisition of these solutions. Medical students are well aware of both the challenges in the healthcare sector and patients’ needs, so companies see them as a reliable source of feedback on product or service usability. New technologies contribute to shaping future social and healthcare in a very significant way. Therefore, events like the eHealth Seminar can provide a good platform for building a better understanding of the digital health revolution.

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Contact person

 Jarmo Pääkkönen
Project coordinator, Centre of Health and Technology, University of Oulu (cooperation with companies)