PrintoCent InnoFest, Oulu

PrintoCent InnoFest is an open innovation event that has been the launching arena for numerous innovations and startups since 2014. It’s where 15 teams, selected from a pool of applicants, come together to push the boundaries of Printed Intelligence. The event is designed for everyone—from those curious about the field to those with a groundbreaking idea ready for development.

Time: 12.–13.9.2024
Place: Oulu, Finland

Send your application by the end of May.

The two-day event kicks off with a networking breakfast, followed by inspirational talks from industry leaders. Participants will then dive into intense teamwork sessions, cultivating their ideas with support from world-class technical experts.

The first day concludes with a relaxing sauna session at the Nallikari Restaurant, allowing participants to unwind and network in a uniquely Finnish way. The second day is all about refinement and competition. Teams will present upgraded pitches, and the top five finalists will battle it out for the coveted awards, including the ‘Immediate Commercial Potential’ and the ‘Wildest Idea’ awards.

Why attend?

PrintoCent InnoFest is more than a competition; it’s a gateway to the future of technology. Attendees can:

  • Engage with experts and industry leaders.
  • Witness the latest advancements in Printed Intelligence.
  • Network with potential collaborators and investors.

Send your application and be one of the 15 teams / 15 innovations chosen for the competition! Remember that you can always participate as an expert.

About PrintoCent

PrintoCent, nestled in the innovative hub of Oulu, Finland, stands as a beacon of printed intelligence expertise. With a robust community of 500 specialists spanning both corporate and academic spheres within the Oulu region, PrintoCent is at the forefront of pioneering advancements in the field. The organization’s influence extends far beyond local borders, boasting over 40 international industry members and a multitude of partners that comprise the dynamic PrintoCent Cluster.

Source: PrintoCent