Nordic AMPlify, founded in 2020,  is a strategic Nordic-U.S. collaboration aimed at significantly shortening time to market, providing access to funding, and accelerating the growth journeys for the most promising Nordic Digital Health and MedTech companies as they enter the U.S.

It is a purposely built US healthcare market entry ecosystem making access to US health systems easier and faster. All companies receive investor and clinical feedback, business mentoring, access to pilots and co-development, and the potential to grow in a pro-Nordic healthcare environment.

Nordic AMPlify has partnered with the city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina; five health systems with over 90 hospitals and two medical schools; six venture funds; and Winston-Starts who has a pool of over 70 mentors, all for the purpose of fast-tracking Nordic digital health US market entry.

Time: The launch on 25 May 2021, 15:00 – 19:00 (Finnish time) 
Place: ZOOM

All digital health and medtech companies are invited to join free of charge.  In accordance with the Nordic Innovation contract, service providers and consultants are not permitted to participate.

The Nordic AMPlify program in 2021 will be held both virtually and live with all five Nordic countries.

The program is designed in successive stages starting with an interactive pre-market workshop that qualifies companies to apply for a virtual learning program and a week-long US Discovery Tour in North Carolina. Each accepted company can further qualify for an 8-weeks immersion program. During the Launch, US investors and healthcare leaders will interact with the companies presenting an insider’s perspective and answer questions.

Nordic AMPlify is the starting point for an eye-opening experience and sustainable future. It is the beginning of a proven process that leads to successful partnerships, funding, and stronger companies.  Nordic AMP starts with a one-day commitment and ends with business.


Contact person

Val Arthur Kratzman
Director Healthcare Americas