NACCOP morning coffee of carbon wisdom for SMEs and ecosystems

The calculation of carbon footprint will soon be mandatory for all businesses. Come and listen to the
experiences and possibilities in carbon footprint calculation and sustainable activities of
companies and ecosystem actors.

Morning coffee meetings are a series of shorter meetings organised as part of the NACCOP project. During these meetings,  interesting topics are presented in line with the project’s main goal, which is to strengthen the innovation work of SMEs in healthcare and wellbeing by offering an Arctic innovation platform for the Nordic countries. The platform supports the ecosystem work and provides a network of innovation environments and co-creation services. The platform brings together the stakeholders from social- and health care, research, education, SMEs and citizens. The platform started in the NACCOP project co-funded by Interreg Nord, the Regional Council of Lapland and the Norrbotten Region.

Time: 31 March 2022, 9.30-10.30 (FIN) 8.30-10.30 (SWE)
Place: Online, 



9.30 Welcoming words from project NACCOP
9.35 Moyeen Ahmad, CEO, Ne Device SW: Experience in the calculation of carbon footprint
9.50 Sanna Taskila, Specialist, Macon: Climate Indicator Service and experiences in Carbon
wisdom of SMEs
10.05 Anni Huovinen, Sustainability and Responsibility Specialist at University of Oulu – Case
älyTKI: Considering sustainable development in health and well-being innovation work (Greetings
from the älyTKI- project workshop)
10.20 – 10:30 Discussion

Contact person

Piia Hyvämäki
Senior Lecturer, Project manager NACCOP
Oulu University of Applied Sciences