NACCOP – closing event, online

Are you interested in marketing your company’s product to citizens and social and health professionals in northern Sweden and Finland? Are you willing to hear about the need for innovations in social and health care?
Come tell us about your needs and hear about the innovations that SMEs across borders have to offer.

This event is aimed at SMEs, social and health care representatives and civil citizens. Join to receive up-to-date information about:

  • the changes e.g., in mental health work – needs for and caused by new innovations
  • interesting product presentations for health and wellbeing by SMEs in northern Sweden and Finland 

Time: 13 September 2022, from 9.00 (SWE)10.00 (FIN) to 13.00 (SWE) 14.00 (FIN).
Place: ZOOM
Registration by 8 September:


9.00/10.00 Welcome and a short presentation on the results of NACCOP

9.30/10.30 Need for innovations in social and health care

Health tech in mental healthcare.  Jenni Konttila, Key Account Director / PhD. (Health sciences), M.Sc. (information processing science) –Business Oulu And Oulu University.

-representatives from the cities of Kalix and Luleå

10.30/11.00 Presentations by SMEs (15min each)

MDV Welfare Technology works to develop solutions that improve the work environment for caregivers and increase the quality of life for care recipients.

Ludvig Eriksson, .

                           – Dele Health Tech redefines how we protect older adult against falls.

Peter Liljander, .

                           – Rehabilitation of neck and head damages. .

Vitacam, A new digital pathway to identify and manage deterioration. Moyeen Ahmad.

– Kailamed designs and manufactures assistive utilities that support independent living at home during various stages and circumstances in life. Marko Kailasuo.

11.30/12.30 Coffee/lunch break

12.00/12.45 Networking and collaboration

12.45–13.00/13.45-14.00 Ending the day