mHealth Hub Talk: You have an adopted mHealth solution, why did you succeed?

The European mHealth Hub relaunches its activities with a new topic at its Hub Talk, a series of webinars built around the topic of digital health. The overarching objective of this series is on the impact of innovation adoption and uptake of mHealth and evidencing its value from both a supplier and a patient perspective.

Countries in Europe are now considering the possibility of reimbursement of mHealth solutions. For Apps developers, the road to reimbursement is usually a long one. However, thanks to the high initial level of trust these apps have, developers have been able to apply a business model alternative to the reimbursement one, without excluding it for a later stage. To achieve this, they developed business models based on a B2B2BC approach rather than the usual B2C one. This approach will enable them to collect the evidence to be qualified for reimbursement, at a later stage if appropriate.

Time: 12 April 2023, at 14:00 CET
Place: Online

In this 10th Hub talk, the organisers have selected two very different solutions that already achieved major results. One of them targets physical rehabilitation (AXOMOVE) and the other one is focusing on mental health and well-being in working environments ( The presenters will explain how they have been able to establish with their clients a continuous improvement and co-creation process. The attention will be given to what is the right mix between machine and human-driven interactions.


  • Welcome and introduction to the new mHealth Hub (5 min)
  • Introductory speech by the moderator (10 min)
  • Invited talks with a focus on business models, co-creation, and man-machine interactions (40 min)
  • Interaction with the audience
  • Moderated discussion (30 min)
  • Wrap-up and outline of next talks (5 min)

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About the mHealth Hub

The mHealth Hub is operated by EHTEL – European Health Telematics Association, IHD, and OuluHealth ecosystem.

Its main goals are:

  • To serve as a knowledge focal point for the implementation of Digital Health, and in particular mHealth, innovations.
  • To act as a facilitator of innovation in mHealth.
  • To act as an accelerator for the EU Digital Single Market.
  • To provide a code of ethics for mHealth data.
  • To support countries in implementing mHealth strategies

Source: mHealth Hub