Health Tuesday is a series of networking events addressing topical health and wellbeing themes, usually organized on the first Tuesday of each month. Health Tuesday offers participants an excellent opportunity to discuss with professionals of health, well-being and health tech companies, decision-makers, investors and representatives of the public sector. Health Tuesday is an event organized by Business Finland.

The next Health Tuesday event will focus on the future of clinical trials.

One thing is to increase the speed of clinical trials through utilization of digital technologies and platforms together with data science, AI, virtual trials and new study designs. Can we improve the health outcomes and reduce the burden on patients, health care providers and overall costs by digitalizing clinical trials? Come and discuss how Finland can play a key role in this transformation because of high-quality health data sources, openness for data sharing, AI as a national priority and an innovative mindset towards smarter solutions.

Time: 6 April 2021, 8:00-10:15
Place: Online



8.00 Opening Words
Sampo Sammalisto, Head of Personalized Health Finland, Business Finland

8.05 Advancing Data Science and Patient Centricity in Clinical Trials
Jussi Leinonen, Principal Clinical Data Scientist, Bayer Oy

8.25 Digital Endpoints in Clinical Trials
Jaakko Parkkinen, Country Medical Director, Pfizer Finland

8.40 Fingenious ecosystem and clinical trials
Marco Hautalahti, CEO, Finnish Biobanks – FINBB

8.55 Closing words
Sampo Sammalisto, Head of Personalized Health Finland, Business Finland

9.00 Health Tuesday event ends

9.15 Market opportunities Roundtable: Pharma sector in Switzerland
The Swiss Pharma and Digital Health Markets
Frank Kumli, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Basel Area Business & Innovation and Rob Scott, Global Head of Product Novartis Biome
Moderated by Sanna Sipilä-Axnix, Advisor, Business Finland

10.15 Roundtable session ends

Contact person

Sampo Sammalisto
Head of Personalized Health Finland Program


Source: Business Finland