German market entry and matchmaking program for Health & Life Science companies

BusinessOulu is offering an opportunity for Health & Life Science companies interested in the German market to join the program, which aims at boosting sales & marketing in Germany.

Participation in the program is free of charge and it consists of two phases:

Phase I

Two online workshops – Sales & Marketing to enter Germany, 11.11.2021 and 25.11.2021.
This phase is available to all the interested Health & Life Science companies based in the greater Oulu region.

Phase II

Matchmaking with client contacts in Germany, January-February 2022.
This phase is available to seven companies that will be selected by BusinessOulu and Digital Health Port GmbH after the workshops.

Join the program to learn everything you need to know about entering the German market. Have German professionals answer your questions during workshops and guide you while preparing or updating your go-to-market plan. Find out more about German legislation in the field of health and discover best sales skills and practices on the German market. Additionally, seize the opportunity to   attend one 2 one meetings with German client contacts selected just for you.

Secure your spot in the program by registering for the workshops before 8 November 2021:

The program is planned and conducted in cooperation with Digital Health Port GmbH (DHP).

Phase I

Sales & Marketing to enter Germany – workshops

Workshop 1, 11.11.2021, 9:00-12:15


Overview of the German healthcare market as a target market for healthcare companies in Oulu.

9:00 – 9:30

  • The German healthcare system: components and main actors
  • German healthcare in international comparison: basic principles, different forms (country examples) and the consequences for sales & marketing activities to enter the German market


  • Target market 1: Health insurance companies in Germany (B2B)
    – Attendees (GKV / PKV)
    – Size
  • Target market 2: Hospitals in Germany (B2B)
    – Attendees (Public / Private)
    – Size

10:00 – 11:00

  • Drivers & Influencers for the German market entry
    – Legislation in the field of health, e.g. DiGA, KHZG (Hospital Future Act), DiPA
    – Overall status of digitization in German healthcare and future market opportunities
    – Digitization strategies of individual health insurance companies and „Smart“ Hospitals

11:00 – 11:15 Coffee break

Communication, Marketing and Sales strategy

11:15 – 12:15

  • Company-specific SWOT analysis before entering the German market
  • Design and management of a go-to-market-plan / Germany-specific marketing and communication strategy

Learning goals:

  • to gain a clear overview of the German healthcare market including all challenges and opportunities
  • to get the first idea of target groups, decision-making units (DMU´s) and decision making processes in the context of a SWOT-Analysis for your own entity
  • learn how to build up a go-to-market strategy with first sales & marketing processes
  • to know how to enter the German healthcare market

Workshop 2, 25.11.2021, 9:00 – 12:15


How to sell (digital) healthcare solutions in the German market

9:00 – 10:00

  • Country- and company-specific 4P model of Marketing mix
    Product strategy
    Price strategy
    – Sales Channels and Sales Strategy (Place)
    – Marketing & Communication Strategy (Promotion)

10:00 – 12:15 (15-minute coffee break included)

  • Sales skills and best practices in Sales on the German market
    – Direct sales channels
    – Indirect Sales channels & cooperation partners
    – Building and developing a distributor network for the German market
    – Development of sales processes for lead-generation, lead-management, tender- & proposal
    – Acquisition of „lighthouse projects“
    – Accompanying marketing communication & PR
    – Customer Relationship Management and Sales Database (CRM)
    – After-Sales Management and Implementation Services

Learning goals:

  • to gain an understanding of how to develop, build up and roll out a sales & marketing concept on the German market
  • to learn how to operationalize and enter the German market as well as grow successfully

Phase II

Finding client contacts in Germany for the seven selected Health and Life Science companies from the greater Oulu region.

The selected companies determine (on the basis of the findings from the workshops and prepared go-to-market strategy) which contacts from Germany they would like to get in touch with and have initial personal discussions with. The meetings will last about an hour each and they will be held in English virtually (a video call).

DHP will select the right contacts among the following German operators:

  • Hospitals (different types of decision-makers like Medical Director, Managing Director, Head of Nursing, Chief Information Officer, Chief Digitalization Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, external Procurement Association etc.)
  • Health care organizations (e.g. Homecare, Nursing homes etc.)
  • Health insurance companies (both public and private)
  • Innovation environments with opportunities for piloting products/services
  • Distributors
  • Other new business opportunities

The choice of the contact persons, that will be interviewed, depends on the content, preferences and expectations of the planned market entry strategy. DHP will find at least 3 potential deals/contacts for each of the selected companies.

In the run-up to the meetings, DHP will discuss the objectives together with the selected companies, supervise the preparation of the meetings and join them as a sparring partner. DPH will also take part in the meetings‘ evaluation and support the implementation of the follow-up measures.

This opportunity is available only for the Health and Life Science companies based in the greater Oulu region and interested in entering the German market.

BusinessOulu and Digital Health Port GmbH have the sole right to select companies for the second phase – matchmaking taking into consideration the following factors:

  • companies‘ go-to-market strategy
  • companies‘ readiness to enter the German market
  • the potential of companies‘ solutions on the German market


The coach

Carsten is a Sales & Marketing specialist with 25 years of experience in MedTech & Logistics and a large network in German hospitals. His focus is on digitalization in healthcare. Carsten is a lecturer at Nordakademie & ISM International School of Management in Sales, Marketing & International Sales Management. He is also the author of several publications and books as well as a frequent speaker on congresses and webinars, esp. to Market entry strategies in Germany in context with Hospital Future Act (Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz) and DiGa (Digitale Gesundheitsanwendungen) in cooperation with different foreign associations.

About Digital Health Port GmbH (DHP)

Digital Health PORT GmbH is a Digital Health Lab & Digital Health Accelerator from Germany, located in Hamburg & Heidenheim an der Brenz. DHP covers specialized Digital Health skillset in software-engineering, marketing, sales, technical implementation & technical support and has a long experience & network in professional healthcare.

BusinessOulu‘s contact persons

Tapio Kanniainen
Key Account Director, Health and Life Science, BusinessOulu

Joanna Seppänen (practicalities)
Communications coordinator, Health and Life Science, BusinessOulu