Digital Health Talk Hannover #17: investment in healthcare technologies, online

hannoverimpuls, a joint economic development agency of the state capital and region of Hanover, will hold an online event to provide information to companies interested in the German market.

Investment in Health-Care-Technologies – How do Startups best capture Markets?

It can take many years before a medical product is launched on the market in Germany. This is a time that can usually only be bridged by investors. How do startups manage to keep them on board and achieve a fast return on investment?

In the 25-minute live talk, Cornelia Körber, Project Director of Industry Development at hannoverimpuls, will introduce you to players with a lot of experience in financing young technology companies.

Time: June 2nd, 10:00-10:25 am (CET)
Place: ZOOM

The speakers

Max Ostermeier – Implandata Ophthalmic Products
Dr. Bert Brinkhaus – EnjoyVenture Management GmbH


Why join? Meet experts, learn from players in the field, and find a cooperation partner!

Source: hannoverimpuls