Danish Booster Board – pitch your solution and cooperate with Nykøbing Falster Hospital

Do you have a solution that supports citizens’ self-management of chronic diseases and strengthens their health competencies? Are you interested in the Danish market? Then Nykøbing Falster Booster Board is your chance.

 Nykøbing Falster Hospital is a small emergency hospital in the Zealand region, which is, among other things, at the forefront of rethinking health services and collaborating with private companies. The hospital’s strategy for 2021-24 focuses on how to ensure, together with municipalities and general practice, equal access to health services of the same quality.

Nykøbing Falster Hospital has a special focus on patient involvement and new forms of organization that strengthen the collaboration with general practitioners and the municipalities. Multi-disease is particularly prevalent among women, elderly citizens, less-educated citizens and citizens outside the labour market. The proportion of people with multiple illnesses is rising sharply (more than 60% of the citizens in the Zealand region, corresponding to about 450,000 citizens, suffer from at least one long-term illness, over 35% suffer from two or more) and is challenging for the hospitals. These patients need very good coordination, high professionalism and communication between various health actors.

The admission area at Nykøbing Falster Hospital is characterized by large distances and has a higher proportion of chronic patients compared to the rest of the region. This is especially true of diseases such as COPD, heart disease, dementia, depression and diabetes. In the area, there are many elderly people and citizens with long-term unemployment, no education and weak social networks. Nykøbing Falster is therefore reaching out to companies with a call for ideas and solutions that answer these challenges with the use of technology.

Pitch your product for decision-makers

Booster Boards are held virtually. Therefore, they are easy for you to join.

Time: 6 December 2021
Place: Online

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Sign up and seize the opportunity to pitch in front of a cross-sectoral panel of decision-makers who are ready to provide feedback on your product in the specific context in the Nykøbing Falster’s Recording Area.

Companies that match the challenges will be invited to in-depth meetings. If your solution is the right match, you will have the opportunity to enter a strategic cross-sectoral collaboration with Nykøbing Falster Hospital and work in an area that is at the forefront of the general development in Europe.

Nykøbing Falster will select 5 companies that will be invited to pitch. Both Danish and other Nordic companies are welcome to apply.

As a participant you are expected to:

  • prepare and submit a product presentation or video no later than 1 week before the Booster Board.
  • network with other companies participating in the Booster board
  • give feedback during a meeting organised especially for companies and representatives of Nykøbing Falster Hospital immediately after Booster Board.

Booster Board has two phases

  1. Pitch session during which you pitch for a panel of decision-makers and answer questions in relation to your solution.
  2. Feedback session where you get feedback from the hospital’s innovation department and other hospital representatives

All companies participate in the entire process and have the opportunity to learn from the questions and the feedback the other companies receive.