#BHH Summit, Barcelona / online

The world of healthcare is evolving in response to the growing need for assistance. Digital health helps to address the challenges that arise these days in order to create a more sustainable, scalable and inclusive healthcare system. The #BHHSummit will take a look at how alliances and partnerships have become the main driver of progress within the various industries related to digital health – from startups to insurance companies, hospitals or pharma. Other topics that will be addressed during the Summit are the need for innovation, the response to the growing healthcare demand and the cutting-edge technologies that are helping to unravel the challenges of today.

Time: 26 October 2022
Place: Barcelona and online

During the whole day, there will be plenty of networking opportunities for everyone. Whether you are a startup, a healthcare professional, an investor, or a corporate, the #BHHSummit is what you are looking for. You will also have the opportunity to schedule one on one meetings through the #BHHSummit platform.

There will also be a possibility to attend the event online for free. If you are interested in this opportunity, contact Joanna Seppänen (joanna.seppanen@businessoulu.com)

Visit the event website to view the agenda and to get your ticket.