Air Guitar World Championships, Oulu

What is the Air Guitar World Championships?

The Air Guitar World Championships (AGWC) is a unique event that celebrates the art of air guitar playing. It’s a competition where participants from all over the globe come together to perform on stage, not with physical guitars, but with their invisible instruments. The idea is simple yet profound: competitors mimic guitar playing to their favorite rock and heavy metal tunes, showcasing their best air guitar moves.

Time: August 21-23, 2024.
Place: Rotuaari Square Oulu, Finland

 Peace on Earth – Make Air, Not War!
Spotlight on Oulu – Capturing global headlines!
Magic on Stage – Joy for all, near and far!

Why is it a Crowd-Puller?

The AGWC is more than just a competition; it’s a spectacle of passion, creativity, and humor. It’s fun because it allows people to let loose, be themselves, and rock out without the constraints of a physical instrument. The event is known for its positive vibes and inclusive atmosphere, where the only thing that matters is your ability to rock the air! Plus, it’s all for a good cause promoting world peace.

Partnering with AGWC

The AGWC offers various partnership opportunities for those who share the vision of spreading joy and peace through the universal language of music. By partnering with AGWC, you can align your brand with these positive values and gain visibility in a unique, energetic environment.

Become a partner if peace and equality resonate with your values

  • Take advantage of global partnership opportunities
  • Gain visibility. The 2023 World Final event attracted thousands of people to Rotuaari Square. The live broadcast is streamed worldwide, gathering viewers from all continents
  • Media coverage of the event reaches 400 million people worldwide (Meltwater 2023)

Read more and become a partner:

AGWC partner packages (PDF)

Let’s make Oulu glow brighter in Finland and in the World!

Contact person

Chenhao(Mirror) Song
Partnership Manager, Air Guitar World Championships
Tel.+358 41 5770 763