Russian AgeTech Market Conference/ Vozrastech, St. Petersburg

The Vozrastech AgeTech Market Conference is the only specialized age-tech conference in Russia. The event is part of the international Older Generation Forum, which includes an official congress, numerous events and seminars of the business program, as well as an exhibition of goods and services for the elderly.

Time: 9 April 2020
Place:  Expoforum, Pavilion H, St. Petersburg

What is it about

  • The only specialized agetech conference in Russia
  • View on key market news and trends in aging services by expert speakers from Russia and
  • Professional participants – tech companies, startups, senior care operators, corporates, investors, government officials etc.
  • Networking, discussions, access to up-to-date products and solutions

The goals of this conference

  • to share and discuss information about the current state and opportunities of Russian age-tech market
  • to gain best practice from Finland
  • to examine real-life cases, new products and services for seniors
  • facilitate partnerships, take agetech business to the next level

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