DentView’s solution provides new innovative digital tool for preventive self-care use by dental clinic customers

DentView has developed a new digital EdTech tool to speed up the digitalization process in oral health care.

The DentView system will provide a completely new approach in dental care, where customers can be autonomous learners exploiting novel digital tools for preventive dental care. DentView’s product and service aim at providing significant new opportunities for improving preventive dental care, improving dental health of the population and eventually bringing savings in healthcare expenses.

Mika Malinen, CEO of DentView Oy believes that “Future of public-funded dentistry lies in preventive self-care! High-quality interactive and targeted dental education belongs to everyone regardless of the socio-economic category. This will bring better oral health and wellbeing in societies with a positive side-effect of great savings in out of the pocket public health spending. We believe we are at the edge of the future in dentistry with our solution.”

DentView´s new self-care platform for oral health was piloted in Dentopolis in October 2020 among clinical professionals with great results. Based on the feedback by the piloting professionals, 88,8%  of them would recommend the solution for use in dental clinics.

“The inspiring results give us a big boost of confidence while finishing our product,” concluded Malinen.

DentView virtual kiosk for preventive self-care is expected to be available in the market by the end of 2020.

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Mika Malinen
CEO, DentView Oy

Source: DentView