Can your solution for wellbeing services county compete in an innovation competition? 

Join the innovation competition and meet healthcare challenges of individual service paths in the wellbeing services county. 

In this competition, the North Ostrobothnia wellbeing services county, the University of Oulu, and  Roche are looking for solutions that answer the development needs of pathways used in cardiovascular diseases and cancer treatment. The goal is to improve the overall experience and care of customers who receive the hospital services.  

The competition calls for solutions to the following development needs:  

• Digital individual service path for incidental findings made in connection with CT  imaging (Cardiovascular diseases) 

• Remote monitoring and support of breast cancer patients (Cancers) 

Why join? 

·    Be part of improving healthcare of the future for the benefit of us all 

·    Increase the visibility of your solution 

·    Seize a grant of €5,000 

Who can join? 

Companies, professionals and individuals with ideas or/and solutions that can be implemented in healthcare. 

How to join? 

Choose the challenge you aim to solve and submit your solution using the links below 

– Solution proposal for cardiovascular diseases: osdKz4   

– Solution proposal for cancer diseases: QcZr    

A jury of experts evaluates all the solutions and selects the winners in both categories: cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The winning innovations will be announced in June and their developers will receive a grant of €5,000 to support further product development of the submitted solution. 

The link opens on 27 March 2023 for all you early birds and closes on 31 May 2023.  

The competition is organized by the North Ostrobothnia wellbeing services county, the University of Oulu, and Roche. 

Read more detailed information and participation instructions (in Finnish) at 

Contact persons

Mari Saukkoriipi

Projektisuunnittelija, Pohjois-Pohjanmaan hyvinvointialue/POPsote-hanke 

Janne Kampman

Healthcare System Partner, Roche Oy