Aleksi Ukkola new R&D Manager at 9Solutions

Aleksi Ukkola (DI) has started as new R&D Manager at 9Solutions Ltd in March 2019. Ukkola has long-term experience in product and software development as well as health care IoT solutions.

Ukkola has previously worked at Reactive Technologies Finland in R&D management and in several manager and specialist positions in R&D and product management at Spectral Engines, Elisa IoT and Lewel Group Finland, for example.

In future, Ukkola is in charge of the entire product and software solutions development of 9Solutions Oy. The current R&D Manager, Jari Kylmänen, continues to support Ukkola and is especially in charge of solutions maintenance and information security issues. 9Solutions products include locating safety and communication systems as well as intelligent care solutions for home care, care homes and hospitals.

“Aleksi has wide and diverse experience in electronics and software design and understanding of the performance development of R&D operations in our line of business and organisations. It’s great to have Aleksi in our team to speed up development,” commented Sami Herrala, CEO at 9Solutions.

“The health and care services of the future face an enormous challenge as the population structure changes. I believe that the solutions provided by 9Solutions will have a great impact in solving the challenges of the health and social services sector. The comprehensive solution provided by 9Solutions is already now an extensive Smart Care service platform, which is an excellent basis for building new intelligent products and services to make daily life easier. In future, IoT and digital solutions utilising data analytics and artificial intelligence can take over part of the routine tasks of services and implement new added value services customised to the users. I’m looking forward to bringing my expertise and experience to the development and productisation of new humane and intelligent solutions, and sharing the international growth phase of 9Solutions,” added Aleksi Ukkola.

9Solutions is a leading provider of indoor location based safety, communications and smart care solutions.

Contact persons

Aleksi Ukkola
R&D Manager, 9Solutions

Sami Herrala
CEO, 9Solutions

Source: 9Solutions