Activate your senses and feel better with a Nucu platform

Nucu, a company headquartered in Oulu, has developed a wellbeing platform and its primary role is to provide multisensory stimulation by activating three of the main senses: tactile, auditory and visual. Nucu achieves this by playing professionally produced soundscapes while also gently providing a tactile sensation through the vibration of its wooden surface. Its unique appearance also activates the visual sense, which works especially well for the elderly.

Most of us receive multisensory stimulation in our everyday activities, such as walking down the street, going to the grocery store or perhaps taking a stroll in the woods. This is not the case for everyone though. For example, those suffering from dementia are often limited in their ability to receive appropriate sensory enrichment. In later stages of dementia, they are usually passive recipients of care and have little to no opportunity to engage in meaningful activities.

The Nucu-platform is the first solution that helps provide these sensory stimulations easily. It is designed to be used in multiple different environments, such as hospitals, schools and nursing homes. Nucus are a great addition for the staff due to the overall simplicity of the design. It only takes roughly 5 seconds to use Nucu, making it a fast way for the staff to provide stimulations when no other activity is available. Because of the size and shape, it’s extremely mobile. It’s not bound to be used in a specific place and can be taken to wherever it’s needed, like under the pillow, in the back of a wheelchair or you can just hold it in your hands. The soundscapes can be anything from your favourite music, the sounds of nature, audiobooks, to the calming sound of a heartbeat.

The benefits of multisensory stimulation are vast and depending on the user. For example, they include:

• Increased concentration and focus
• Heightened awareness
• Cognitive development by increased brain function
• Lead to non-responsive users become communicative
• Result in more calmness and lower aggressive behaviours
• Promote mental and physical relaxation
• and much more

Source: Nucu

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