9Solutions launches next-generation voice communication device

9Solutions offers a new Wall-e Communication Unit, which is a communication tool that is fully adaptable to the customer’s operating environment and needs. It is a key part of the versatile 9Solutions nurse call system, which enables high-quality voice communication between the caregiver and the patient. In addition, it includes several functions that increase safety and the smoothness of care work in one device.

While designing Wall-e, special attention was given to ease of use, versatility and longevity to meet the needs of demanding healthcare environments. Up to six different buttons can be configured for the touch screen. The screen is intuitive and also works with protective gloves. The device can be updated remotely and the functionalities can be easily changed afterwards.

Wall-e is part of 9Solutions patented indoor positioning solution. Together with other devices included in the 9Solutions nurse call system, it forms a locating network inside the building that enables the accurate and real-time location of tasks, devices and people. The device works with a 4G connection. It is cleverly attached to the installation chute and it is easy to install in both new and old buildings.

9Solutions is Finland’s leading provider of indoor location-based safety, communications and smart care solutions. The company’s business has turned to strong growth again after the challenging covid years. The fourth quarter of 2021 was the best in 9Solutions’ history. The same trend has continued in 2022 with Springvest Oyj, Finnish growth investment company,y organizing a share issue of 4 million euros for 9Solutions between May and June. The issue was oversubscribed ahead of time.

Source: 9Solutions