Cerenion C-Trend® Software Library receives MDR Certificate

Cerenion C-Trend® Software Library is now certified as a CE-marked Class IIb medical device under the EU regulation on medical devices.

What is Cerenion C-Trend® Software Library

The Cerenion C-Trend® Software Library transforms the complex raw EEG signal into a set of simple parameters that acute healthcare clinicians can read and act upon. It is currently available on Bittium’s BrainStatus EEG monitor in the EU under MDD since the year 2021. C-Trend® software combines Cerenion’s innovation, the C-Trend® Index, with other quantitative EEG-derived parameters that yield information on an acutely ill patient’s brain function. Using the C-Trend® software, it is possible to monitor EEG slow wave activity, burst suppression ratio (BSR), aEEG, and Alpha-Delta Ratio (ADR). These parameters may be used to detect brain ischemia and morphologies that are typical in epileptic seizures, as well as adjust the depth of sedation and evaluate the recovery after cardiac arrest. In addition to bedside view, the results of C-Trend® analysis can be viewed remotely by a consulting neurologist or clinical neurophysiologist

What is Medical Device Regulation, MDR

  • The Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on Medical Devices (MDR) defines the requirements for placing medical devices on the market in the EU. The regulation has been in place since May 2021, and it intends to unify the regulation in the EU and further improve patient safety.
  • A Notified Body must assess the manufacturer’s quality management system to meet the requirements of MDR unless the products fall into Class I (i.e. the risk level has been estimated as relatively low).
  • The manufacturer is required to ensure that the product has been designed and manufactured following the MDR.
  • Before the new regulation, medical devices were certified under the Medical Device Directive (MDD). Any medical device on the market under the MDD certification will have to undergo a transition to MDR.

“I’m extremely proud of our team for this significant achievement, which highlights our professionalism and commitment to providing high-quality products. Certification under MDR not only enables the long-term sales for C-Trend® in Europe but also enables its continuous development to new application areas”, said Jukka Kortelainen, CEO and co-founder of Cerenion.

”This MDR certification process was a challenging yet very rewarding project and I like to thank our Cerenion team for excellent work as well as our Notified Body SGS Fimko for good co-operation”, added Sanna Hosio, Quality and Regulatory Affairs Director at Cerenion.

Source: Cerenion