Supporting the internationalization process of SMEs

Taking a business global, entering more competitive regions and investing in company’s growth are one of the greatest challenges an entrepreneur can face. While internationalization typically denotes big business carried out on a large scale, even the smallest companies can enter successfully foreign markets with limited resources if they play their cards right.

Internationalization brings perspectives of gaining more visibility, increasing sales, reducing costs of labor production or supply and establishing new business partnerships. All of these can become true, if a company spends a good amount of time on researching the target market and preparing for the expansion.

Meetings organized with the help of the OuluHealth ecosystem can be a reliable and useful source of information on the capacity of competitors in a particular sector, potential of the target market or even cultural differences.

BusinessOulu has recently hosted two informative meetings related to the Chinese and American markets. Companies made use of experience-based expertise of John Meewella, a CEO of the Mini Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (MiNiSV) in Nanjing in China and Suvi Aherto, a Team Finland coordinator in the USA. The meetings provided participating companies with a great deal of advice on how to go international in terms of defining a proper strategy, looking for prospective business partners and overcoming difficulties that may appear on the way.

Breaking into new markets undoubtedly needs time and detailed planning, it’s a game certainly worth playing.



Joanna Seppänen

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