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Is a desire to become a top football player enough to make a person achieve their goal? Is hard work and persistence all a sportsperson needs to reach their maximum performance? In many cases the answer is no. One of the major obstacles is the lack of proper training. Player Accelerator has been created for sports professionals who want to reach their maximal performance and develop not only in sport, but also in life in general.

 Reach higher with Player Accelerator project

Every athlete wonders at some point whether they do the right things to grow as a sportsperson and a human. It often happens that young players in teams don’t receive enough attention, individual coaching, mentoring and sport related education. Player Accelerator has been established especially for football players from Africa and South America, who dream about a professional career in Europe. This project will give them a chance to come to Finland to develop their skills. It will provide them with hints on how to use their full potential and grow as individuals in a competitive team environment. This is the first project of its kind in Finland, which will provide tailored coaching for players. It will seamlessly combine education and technology with sport.

‘’ We accelerate human development and help individuals to reach their personal maximum using the best people, expertise, technology, pedagogy and networks available. We are starting with football but the plan is to expand the project and include other team sports later,’’ says Mikko Perälä, Founder and Chairman of JS Hercules football club.

Player Accelerator also answers the need for innovations in sports technology. At present, modern technology solutions used for players’ individual development are only available for professional clubs. There is strong demand for the devices that can encourage individuals to reach higher and break their own records.

According to Mikko Perälä Oulu is a perfect launchpad for rising stars. This city is a sports capital of the north. It boasts good sports facilities as well as steady sport, wellness and fitness technology development. However, not everything is so easy to arrange.

‘’Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges, which make our work more difficult, is related to the visa policy represented by the Immigration Office. The procedures are often complicated and it takes a lot of time to arrange a permission to stay in Finland for the football players we would like to invite to Oulu. The good news is that we are having the first footballer arriving here in January from West Africa,’’ adds Perälä.

It’s not only about sport. It’s a business with a heart

In the Player Accelerator project, outside football, the main focus is on business cooperation. The goal is to enable commercialization of Nordic innovations on the international markets, for example, in India or China. At present, Player Accelerator’s partners include: Oura, Fox in the Box, Claned, SportTest and TopSpot. We are constantly looking for new companies from the health technology sector to join us.

The project has a lot to offer to its partners:

  • increase in sales
  • more visibility
  • networking and partnering opportunities
  • support for growth
  • entries to foreign markets, for example, India and China

‘’We want to be present in the society, influence and inspire the community we live in. To achieve that, we plan to run a football club as a sustainable business – a business with a heart,‘’ says Perälä.

‘’We have been directly working with over 80 different sport organizations from Europe and beyond. We have a successful football team, JS Hercules, and a football scouting agency in West Africa. The idea is to make use of Finland’s cutting-edge technology, R&D and innovation to create new business models for sport clubs. Our goals are to help sports people forward in their lives and to accelerate the sales of our technology partners,’’ concludes Perälä.


Contact person

Mikko Perälä
Founder & Chairman of JS Hercules



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