New arrival on the medical technology market- Handy Care Ring

An effective tool for treating and preventing repetitive arm pain has been developed in Oulu and will soon come into common use.

Tennis and golfer’s elbow as well as wrist pain can now be treated with the help of a Handy Care Ring. It allows for reducing strains by massaging the arm muscles. In this way, tension is relieved, the healing process supported and painful disorders are prevented from occurring.

This new solution may look simple but its effectiveness has been proved. Positive effects are usually noticeable right after its first use. Eero Simuna and Harri Ylitalo,  the Handy Care Ring’s inventors, have filed for a patent on their innovation.

’’ This tool is easily adjustable and fits the great majority of users perfectly. It can be used at home or under the supervision of a qualified professional,’’ Simuna says.

The solution has so far been tested with positive results by a group of twenty people from different professional sectors. It’s highly recommended for: musicians, dentists, sports people, such as golfers, frisbee golfers, hockey and tennis players, skiers, climbers as well as drivers, builders and office workers.


Contact persons

Eero Simuna
 040 5845 700


Harri Ylitalo
045 118 5907



Joanna Seppänen



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