Neagen and Visiopharm’s Technical Integration between image analysis and PACS to meet demands from pathologists

Neagen and Visiopharm have announced an integration, which improves the data quality of cancer patient samples in a single PACS-driven digital pathology workflow offering time and cost savings. This in turn enhances quality for pathologists working in cancer research and diagnostics as well as benefits the patients.

Neagen provides a true vendor neutral enterprise imaging system based on worldwide DICOM standards. Visiopharm is a worldwide leader of Augmented Pathology™ within tissue research and diagnostics.

“Neagen sees digital pathology as indispensable in the modern pathology lab, and seamless integration into other existing diagnostic medical workflows is a pivotal requirement to successful deployment. neaLink VNA is a modern and scalable enterprise imaging solution for all medical disciplines. With this technical integration, our customers across the globe will be able to combine advanced image analysis to digital pathology with radiology in a seamlessly integrated digital workflow, to further enhance neaLink as a platform for integrated diagnostics,” Lasse Jyrkinen, CEO of Neagen, says.

The Oncotopix solution is compatible with and validated for all major scanner formats. It has been validated and CE-marked for the three major reagent vendors. Making Oncotopix available as a simple and seamlessly integrated plug-in to PACS and LIS systems, makes it possible to deploy and scale digital pathology in the lab, one cost-efficient and risk-free step at a time.


Contact persons

Lasse Jyrkinen
CEO at Neagen
+35840 539 3163

Helle Fisker
CMO at Visiopharm A/S
+45 29178777


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