Most promising growth companies chosen in Kasvu Open

Kasvu Open has selected Finland’s 100 most promising growth companies in 2018 from the pool of about 800 applications and Kipuwex from Oulu is one of them.

Kasvu Open is the largest and free of charge project for sparring eager to grow companies with experts in Finland, who offer own knowledge and skills on a voluntary basis. Companies present own growth plan in order to enlarge their network of the best possible growth venture experts and investors in the country.

The winner will be announced during the Kasvu Open Carnival held in Jyväskylä on 24-25 October. Additionally, the event will include a number of seminars and match making opportunities. This year the main theme of the carnival will be ‘ the world-class solutions’ as many companies from the Kasvu Open project offer  products or services that answer global challenges.

Kipuwex, for example, has been developing a new IoT device for pain assessment for healthcare professionals and home users. The company’s solution measures different physiological parameters from the patient continuously and digitally. This information is converted with an algorithm into pain data and transferred to a Kipuwex mobile application and/or Patient Information Database.

Read more information about Kasvu Open here.


Contact person

Uljas Valkeinen
CEO at Kasvu Open


Source: Kasvu Open


Joanna Seppänen

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