Kuura chatbot will give you health advice about your child conveniently online

A new medical chatbot named doctor Kuura is being tested in Oulu. The solution, a virtual AI-based chat app that gives answers to the questions related to child health, is a Finnish innovation developed by a group of health professionals.

Parents can consult the chatbot at any time and at no expense. In this way they get fast reply in an easy and safe way as the app doesn’t store or share any personal data.

Doctor Kuura learns by itself when exposed to new information. Each and every conversation deepens its knowledge and abilities to support families with children.

Although convenient and easy to use, it is important to bear in mind that no chat app can replace a real doctor’s diagnosis.

The solution is in test use in Oulu till the end of August 2019 and you can try it out here.


Contact persons:

Jaana Kokko,
Technology specialist
City of Oulu

Jani Tikkanen, CEO, MD, PhD

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