The first advanced hospitalist training program in Finland is soon available in Oulu

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oulu  is going to offer an advanced hospitalist training program, which hasn’t been so far introduced neither in Finland nor in any other European country. It lasts two years and prepares a new type of doctors to coordinate comprehensive healthcare of patients with more complex care needs.

Hospital medicine is a type of practice within internal medicine in which the clinical focus is caring for hospitalized patients. Internists practicing hospital medicine are called “hospitalists.” This discipline grew in the USA out of the increasing complexity of patients requiring hospital care and the need for dedicated clinicians to oversee their management. Participating in the training hospitalists gain specialized knowledge which enables them to provide high-quality, efficient, patient and family-centered care in hospital settings.

’’ Specialised medical care has been greatly developed. However, at the same time, specialists’ overall approach towards a patient has remained narrow. We are able to treat knee, heart or shoulder problems with spectacular results, but we have somehow lost the broad view of patient care, ‘’ Heikki Wiik, Chief Medical Officer at the Oulu University Hospital says.

Help from a hospitalist will be especially appreciated, for example, in critical situations, when patient recovery doesn’t progress as it should or when trying to prevent complications after surgeries.

The new training will also include elements related to intensive care, rehabilitation and follow-up care. The goal is for a hospitalist to be able to use knowledge from various medical fields and combine it seamlessly with comprehensive care for the benefit of a patient.


Contact persons

Heikki Wiik
040 587 5225

Kirsi Laitakari
 044 539 8051



Joanna Seppänen

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