Expansion to the Spanish market – support program for companies, Alicante

The cultural and historical ties between Spain and Latin America have made the region of Alicante significant in terms of the commercial and investment expansion of the Spanish Corporations for the last twenty-five years. The government of Valencia has launched a program to create a thriving start-up ecosystem in Alicante.

This program is a risk-free project to establish operations in Spain and go global. It provides companies with complete infrastructure and financial support, including the cost of establishing an office, recruitment and other services.


  • An easy gateway to go global -> test market in Spain -> South Europe -> Latin America
  • Resources are handpicked and pre-selected -> profile match
  • All basic relocation services are included in the packages
  • Fully assisted enrolment process
  • Ongoing local and Finnish support during and after the program


  • Financials – a minimum of 200 000€ gross revenues during the preceding 12 months or a minimum of 300 000€ of investments or equity assets.
  • Recruitments –  recruitment of 2 or 3 local persons in Alicante for 12 months.
  • Lecturing – a minimum of 10 hrs of lecturing of the startup’s core vertical at a local university
  • Team management –  normal daily team management (local or remote)

Join the program, receive a grant of 30 000€ or 40 000€ from SPCTV (no payback) and establish a company in Spain. Once the project has been completed, continue with your local team if you feel it adds value to your business.

The information meeting will be held in Alicante on 4-5 April 2018 to give more information about this project.

Please, contact Janne Mustonen or Heidi Tikanmäki if you would like to participate.

Contact persons

Janne Mustonen
Key Account Director, ICT and Nano
+358 45 675 2929
Heidi Tikanmäki
Key Account Director, Life Sciences
+358 40 542 0007



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