Detection Technology rolls out X-Panel 2301 to boost all extraoral dental X-ray imaging modalities

Detection Technology, a global leader in X-ray imaging solutions, has launched an X-Panel 2301 detector for cephalometric imaging. X-Panel 2301 complements the company’s CMOS-based flat panel detector offering for the dental X-ray market. A combination of X-Panel 2301 and the earlier launched X-Panel 1511 boosts all mainstream extraoral dental X-ray imaging modalities. The combo facilitates to design and maintain imaging systems that run cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), panoramic and cephalometric applications.

“X-Panel detectors are designed for multifunction and meet the most stringent performance and reliability requirements. By enabling one-stop-shopping, our combo offering streamlines the supply chain, minimizes risks and speeds up time-to-market for 3-in-1 dental X-ray imaging systems in the fast-paced market. We see that original equipment manufacturers also value ease of system integration and maintenance,” says Chen Wu, Vice President of the Medical Business Unit at Detection Technology.

“When it comes to people’s health and safety, we do not compromise. Our solutions are based on the people-first approach. The low-dose X-Panel 2301 detector with the largest active area yet fast scanning speed enhances patient experience.”

X-Panel 2301 comes with an active area of 233.1 mm x 7.2 mm, and a frame rate of up to 300 fps in full size and full resolution. The solution is powered by a 14-bit ADC providing fast, low-noise and high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion. As a unique feature, X-Panel is equipped with a data buffer that can be used in a specific scan-to-buffer mode to store a full pack of images, up to 2,600 full frames. This provides extra safety for imaging data management. X-Panel 2301 has a pixel size of 100 µm, and is designed for an X-ray energy range of 40-125 kVp.

The X-Panel 2301 design pays special attention to robustness and usability. X-Panel 2301 has a durable housing that effectively shields the vulnerable parts of the sensor and readout electronics. X-Panel has a Gigabit Ethernet interface, and a software development kit available to support easy integration.

Source: Detection Technology

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Chen Wu, Ph.D. Engineering
Vice President, Medical Business Unit
+86 1 381 127 5741


Joanna Seppänen, OuluHealth

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