Chain Antimicrobials raises over half a million euros to perform pre-clinical trials

Chain Antimicrobials was granted funding by Business Finland together with investment from Butterfly Ventures.

Chain Antimicrobials Oy, a start-up company based in Oulu, is performing preclinical trials on Peptide antimicrobial coated catheters (PAC) for the healthcare industry.

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are one of the most significant problems that disturb the recovery process after receiving medical treatment in a healthcare facility. The result, for example, is a prolonged hospital stay, more work for healthcare professionals, as well as increased antimicrobial resistance and financial burden for patients. The most frequently encountered HAIs are the Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs), which are attributed to the use of an indwelling urinary catheter. So far, traditional coatings have had little or no preventive effect on these infections. CAUTI increases morbidity, mortality, healthcare costs, and length of hospital stay. Chain antimicrobials Product PAC inhibits the growth of biofilms on the catheter and is non-toxic as tested by ISO 10993 standards, thus potentially reducing problems caused by CAUTIs.

‘The investment will be used to perform preclinical trials in animal models to test the efficacy and safety of the product. With the investment, we shall take a significant step closer to clinical trials with the PAC product. Eventually, if we are successful with the R&D and able to launch the product to the market, there will be a billion dollar business opportunity for our business partners and us,’ said Dr. Tejesvi Mysore, company CEO.

‘Along the way to the market, we will be generating much valuable information on our antimicrobial peptides, which again can be applied to other indications and applications to treat people. The antimicrobial peptide inventions transferred from the University of Oulu offer us a great position to re-shape antimicrobial markets, as chain peptides can kill a vast variety of different germs, including multiresistant species,’ concluded Dr. Tejesvi Mysore. 


Contact person

Dr. Tejesvi Mysore
CEO at Chain Antimicrobials


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