Chain Antimicrobials’ new solution will help patients recover faster

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are one of the biggest problems that disturb the recovery process after receiving a medical treatment in a healthcare facility. They result, for example, in prolonged hospital stay, more work for healthcare professionals as well as increased antimicrobial resistance and financial burden for patients. The most frequently encountered HAIs are the Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs), which are attributed to the use of an indwelling urinary catheter. So far, traditional coatings have had little or no preventive effect on these infections.

Chain Antimicrobials has come up with a novel approach to solve these challenges. The company has developed medical equipment, peptide-coated catheters (PAC), for the healthcare settings. The widespread usage of this new solution will effectively restrict the spread of CAUTIs.

’Our vision is to deliver our best resources and technologies for creating an infection-free environment in hospitals and to support faster recovery of patients,’ says Tejesvi Mysore, CEO at Chain Antimicrobials.

The main idea behind the solution is to reduce the risk of any new infections during the healing process with a special focus on the CAUTIs. The company’s product, peptide-coated catheters (PAC) will improve the quality of recovery of patients and shorten their stay in hospitals.

The key advantages of the product include:

• The molecule has high efficacy-broad-spectrum antimicrobials
• Safety as PACs have been tested by the ISO 10993-5 (2009), & ISO 10993-12 (2012)
• Reduction of pain or irritation
• Easy manufacturability

PACs have already shown positive results in in-vitro studies while the preclinical and clinical studies are in progress to test the efficacy of the product. Chain Antimicrobials is currently looking for partners in the Oulu region interested in collaboration.

Contact person

Tejesvi Mysore
Chief Executive Officer, Chain Antimicrobials


Source: Chain Antimicrobials 


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