Chabla Mobile App connects deaf persons and interpreters globally

Innovation made by Signmark and created by CGI.

Signmark Productions has launched an innovative and revolutionary app for sign language users. Chabla app, created together with IT services company CGI, is a mobile application that connects all deaf persons and interpreters globally. In Europe, there are more than 750 000 sign language users and only 12 000 interpreters, that is, less than 2 interpreters per 100 sign language users. Chabla is the first application built to serve signing communities that allows users to access the interpretation service 24/7.  Chabla brings a revolutionary improvement to their everyday communication and quality of life.

– Without Chabla it is literally impossible for a person who does not know sign language to call a deaf person. I have come across with this excuse numerous times from people saying they can’t communicate with me. This application won’t merely empower the deaf community, it enables communication overall, says Signmark, (Mr. Marko Vuoriheimo) a deaf Finnish music artist using sign language and CEO of Signmark Productions.

Chabla project was initiated in 2015 when Signmark decided it was time that someone came up with a solution for issues deaf and hard-of-hearing communities face every day. It is discouraging that we are living in the 21st century and yet people with disabilities still face difficulties in dealing with simple everyday tasks, which can become unbearable. Chabla aims to change all of this.

– Chabla is a great example how digitalization shapes the world and our lives, on an everyday basis. Together with Signmark and Chabla team we have transformed a disruptive vision into real-life mobile experience that really makes a difference, says Tapio Volanen, Managing Director of CGI Finland.

In the development of Chabla app great emphasis was put on easy-to-use user experience, both for the deaf persons and for the interpreters. Chabla application was born when the know-how of Mr. Vuoriheimo was combined with CGI´s experience in service design, prototyping and mobile development.

Chabla mobile app is now available for iPhones and iOS tablets in Finland, UK, Germany, France and Denmark.


Janika Sundström

Signmark Productions

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Anne Klemetti

COO, Signmark Productions

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Esa Luoto

CGI Finland

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