Cerenion share issue of up to 2 million euros now open

Cerenion Oy, the next-generation brain monitoring company, opened a capital raise round of 1-2 million euros on Thursday last week. The round offers interested parties the opportunity to take part in Cerenion’s path to improving intensive care.

“Our technology is unique and the first of its kind on the market,” reports Timo Koskela, CEO of Cerenion. “Our upcoming product has several applications and significant market potential in, for example, modern intensive care units, which we estimate to be a market worth 650 million euros annually,” he continues. The first C-Trend™-enabled EEG product is currently expected to be released by Bittium Corporation in 2019.

The round is run by the investment house Springvest, who has a strong track record in organizing multi-million euro capital raise rounds in Finland. Springvest, founded in 2012, has so far organized 49 rounds raising 88 million euros of investment for promising unlisted growth companies.

Cerenion’s current funders, the Finnish venture capital firms Butterfly Ventures and Icebreaker.vc, will participate in the round. “Cerenion has attracted significant investors and Butterfly Ventures and Icebreaker.vc will invest more during this share issue. Those now investing through Springvest have the opportunity to participate in the round with the same terms as Butterfly Ventures and Icebreaker.vc,” says Päivi Malinen, CEO of Springvest.

The investment round will end on the 13th of September.

To date Cerenion has raised over a million euros for the development of its technology and business. The prospects for Cerenion are very promising as its technology provides potentially invaluable information for the intensive care market which is estimated at 200 billion euros worldwide.

Springvest’s press release available here (in Finnish).

Round information on Springvest’s site (in Finnish).

About Springvest

Springvest Oy is a modern investment house, regulated by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. We serve the most promising growth companies looking for an effective, trustworthy, and easy way to raise capital. Primarily, we focus on A rounds. We provide opportunities to invest in promising unlisted growth companies.


Source: Cerenion

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