Up to $20,000 to digital health companies that solve one of the challenges proposed by MSD

Do you have a digital solution for diabetes, vaccination, anesthesiologist, medical events, antibiotic patient profiling or chronic pain? Want to work side by side with a pharma? MSD Innovation Factory is just for you!

A unique opportunity to co-create with a pharma and go for unmet needs!

Local MSD teams have identified 7 health challenges that need your help. If your solution is selected as the best proposal in your challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to improve it in collaboration with local MSD team and pitch together at the final event.

Senior MSD executives will award 3 of the 7 challenges. They will then get up to $20,000 to roll-out the joint solution in the local market during the following 12 months.

7 stimulating challenges side by side with 7 local MSD teams

Local MSD teams are willing to work with you and compete against the others challenges for the big prize!

Find more details on the MSD Innovation Factory website and apply before 31st October.

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