University of Oulu Study Explores Onnikka App for Postpartum Weight Management and Obesity Treatment

The University of Oulu has announced a new study investigating the use of the Onnikka weight management application to support healthy lifestyle changes and address obesity after childbirth. The study will be held at the Clinical Medicine Research Unit at Oulu University Hospital (OYS).

The Onnikka application has been developed by Onnikka Health at the University of Oulu. The application already demonstrated promising results in previous weight loss studies. The company believes it has the potential to be an invaluable tool in helping women manage their weight after childbirth.

Key Points About the Study:

  • Who is involved: The study is conducted by researchers at the Oulu University Hospital’s Clinical Medicine Research Unit.
  • What is the goal: To determine how effective the Onnikka app is in helping women manage their weight after childbirth and address obesity.
  • Importance: Findings from this study could offer innovative and accessible ways to address postpartum weight-related health risks and promote long-term health.

About the Onnikka App

The company is committed to developing solutions promoting health and wellbeing, and the Onnikka application is a perfect example. The application provides personalized guidance and support for weight management. This study marks an important step in exploring how technology can support mothers in managing their weight and improving their overall health after childbirth.

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Source: University of Oulu